Eniko Mihalik, again, and again, and for Bo.Bo!

We've posted a video featuring Eniko Mihalik, so I thought about celebrating her again. This time she's the face (and body) for the brazilian label Bo.Bo substituting Alessandra Ambrósio. Eniko is fabulous, chic and cat-womanish, as usually :)

Well done, gal!

Check out the full campaign on the label's website!

pic via fashionising

info via Bo.Bo


Makány Márta fashion show

If you are in Budapest, Hungary this weekend, don't miss the Budapest Essential Looks fashion event on Friday and Saturday. 11 Hungarian designers will show their collections in the two-day long ceremony.

The Makány Márta fashion show will close the Hungarian session at 8:20pm on Saturday; she is followed by Max Mara.

What a Saturday night fever!!! Hardly I can wait to be backstage and report the preparation and the whole show on facebook. Stay tuned and check out our facebook and twitter pages to get the latest info.

Trends in 2011 by trendhunter

One of our favourite source for trends is trendhunter. Jeremy Gutsche and his team does perfect job, the materials are interesting, inspiring and professional.

Get more info about how cartoon figures such as bunnies got into the fashion scene again in LV's collection for example, how the streetstlye bloggers (The Sartorialist) influenced fashion, what democratic selling means and why the geriatric couture are back. If you haven't seen the trend report yet, it is time now, absolutely worth watching!


Happy Easter with Fabergé

Happy Easter, Dear Blog Reader!

Fabergé is such a unique brand in the jewellery scene, we just can't ignore it. After a hiatus of nearly a century, Faberge is getting back into the Easter egg business, with the participation of descendants of the founder. It is not the famous Easter egg I would like to hightlight now, but the whole new business. A revived Faberge luxury goods company launched a complete new 100 pieces collection of luxury jewels.

The last time one was made Fabergé was in 1917 just prior to the Russian Faberge family being scattered by the Russian revolution.
The original eggs were made by the company of Gustav Faberge, a Russian jeweler and craftsman, in the late 19th century. The highly adorned eggs, which became the symbol of the Faberge brand, began as a simple Easter gift from the Tsar Alexander III to his wife. The eggs become increasingly more intricate as the years wound on, with many opening to reveal hand-crafted surprises. The gift giving tradition was carried on by Alexander's son Tsar Nicholas II. The Russian royalty amassed a collection of 50 of the Imperial Easter eggs.
The eggs have long since scattered across the globe, with eight of them lost to the pages of history. Forbes family owned some of them, but sold them in 2004 to Russian energy tycoon Victor Vekselberg. Ten of the other eggs are currently housed in Moscow's Kremlin, five are at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and Queen Elizabeth II owns three.
The original Faberge family was scattered by the Russian revolution in 1917. Grandsons of the founder established a new Faberge firm in Paris but discovered after World War II that an American business executive was selling perfume under the family name. The Faberges sued but ran out of money and eventually ceded their rights to the name in 1951 for $25,000. The Faberge brand then went through many owners before being sold for $1.6 billion to Unilever in 1989. Pallinghurst bought the rights in 2007 for an undisclosed sum. Tatiana and Sarah Faberge, descendants of Gustav Faberge, agreed to sit on a council to restore the exclusive nature of the company.
The image is very luxurious, the price range is extremely high. The cheapest piece costs 26,000 USD, while the most expensive one costs 6,2 million USD.
There is only one boutique in Geneva, and no furhter retail expansion is planned. Though there is the possibility to buy online via the company's website, but I am very curious how the online sale goes... Well, having look at the store interior, worth visiting if you are in Geneva :) Enjoy!

photos via faberge.com and luxury-world.com


Makány Márta spring-summer 2011

Leaf patterns and monocrome fabrics are the season's must items. Use a felt hat accessory to make your look more glamorous.

Makány Márta spring-summer 2011

Lightweight fabrics, strange patterns. These is Makány Márta's shirt and summer dress style in 2011. Streetwear and beachwear - combination of clothes is our mission.

Makány Márta spring-summer 2011

Colours, colours and colours. The season's must have colours are harsh, but ladylike. Pink, rose, blue are our favourites. Perfect for every skintone, do not hesitate to try on!

Makány Márta spring-summer 2011

Lace is Makány Márta's most favourite fabric. Once our stylist said that if Solstiss was the King of the lace production, then Makány Márta would be the Queen. Yes, we adore lace, it is so feminine, ladylike and it is so hot this summer. Not only for occasions, but as daily wear as well.

Makány Márta spring-summer 2011

Makány Márta spring-summer 2011 backstage video

photo: Peter Lang
styling: Zita Csaszari / Zipy
make-up: Bernadett Titkos
hair: Timea Csapó-Cserekly
model: Szabina Toman

Thanks for the video to lacidelson!


Patterns of inspiration

Swoon + Cat Solen from Levi's Film Workshop on Vimeo.

directed by: Cat Solen
artwork by: Swoon
Music: My Morning Jacket

If you are in NY and interested in eco fashion

Designer: Suzanne Rae at www.suzannerae.com/

Photos: Courtesy of Tracy Morford

If you are in New York, do not miss The GreenShows NY Eco Fashion Week. It is the leading international event committed to presenting eco-conscious, ethically sound, contemporary fashion during New York Fashion Week.

The GreenShows is helping to establish New York City as the world-wide destination for eco-conscious luxury fashion and culture, strengthening its already proven image as a green, progressive and trend-setting city. So if you are around NY in April, go and have a look. It is worth it.


Moleskine notebook on the go

After the launch of "The Little Prince" edition (watch the video if you haven't seen it,yet!) of Moleskine, the company has stepped into another dimension: digitalness... Yepp, a free Moleskine app! Sure it can't offer you quality paper, but it's worth giving a try!

Hungarian topmodel Eniko Mihalik in YSL's parfum ad

We adore this commercial, and not only because the spot was directed by Darren Aronofsky, director of the movie Black Swan, but because Eniko is gorgeous as always.
Vincent Cassel is so maaaan - again. Brilliant! It is a "must see" spot, no doubt.
Click on the image and enjoy the spot!


Another celeb wedding - Natasha Poly

Designer Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy had the honor to dress top model Natasha Poly for her three-day-long ceremony in St. Tropez. The white dress was trimmed with gold stripes, had an open back and long sleeves. Furthermore, the model wore her hair half-up with flowers.

Natasha Poly is best-known for appearing on nearly every international cover of Vogue and for bagging Gucci, Missoni and Jil Sander campaigns, among many others. She's the #2 ranked model on Models.com.

(pictures via Vogue)


Fashion Photographer from Beijing to LA: ZHANG JINGNA

Zhang Jingna is one of my favourite young photographers. She is in her twenties and has Harper's Bazaar, Elle Singapore, L'Officiel Singapore and companies as Mont Blanc, Mercedes Benz, Lancome and Sony already on the pages of her portfolio. Her shoots are romantic and mysterious, composed with respect to exceptional harmony. She's currently living in LA and I'm pretty sure we'll see her editorials in other major magazines in the future!

Pop-up video á la mode!

A new way of fashion consciousness! Some of the greatest and most creative fashion designers of our time are pictured in this Pop-Up Book. From sultry Gaultier to the avantgarde duo Viktor & Rolf, this is paper couture. Have a look at this amazing student-project by Ruben Scupin. Congratulation!



One of our favourite fashion illustrators: RUBEN TOLEDO

If we talk about fashion illustration, we must mention Ruben Toledo. His work is so balanced and so forward-thinking that we cannot ignore him; we simply adore him! Ruben was born in Havana, Cuba in 1961 and is at once a painter, sculptor, illustrator, fashion chronicler and critic, and surrealist. He has also created witty and incisive illustrations for the top fashion magazines and journals from around the world, among them The New Yorker, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, Paper, Visionaire, Interview and The New York Times. Additionally, he is the illustrator of Nordstrom’s national designer ad campaign. Toledo’s work has been on exhibit throughout the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Enjoy the works, and smile, as the world is colourful and funny.


Depressed fashion illustration by Natalia Grosner

cortesy of Trendhunter.com We hate depressive fashion and depressive, negative look. We always ask our models either in fashion shows or at shootings to laugh and radiance. Natalia Grosner is a Toronto-based art director, illustrator and print artist who creates works that are undeniably beautiful. Even though these featured drawings look majorly depressed, they are still too cute to ignore. By combining watercolor with screen-printing, Grosner creates prints that are each unique and interesting, with subtle differences throughout the series. This is what makes these illustrations so special and it is also the reason why they stand out so vividly.


After having watched this mood video about making an hourglass I really ask myself the meaning of time and where we are running to.... Enjoy!